XC Analytics

In these times of a spring lockdown, videos and other tutorials bloom and try to compensate, as much as possible, our lack of practice. Recently, we saw a video of Baptiste Lambert dealing with McCready. He talks in particular about the correlation between the strength of the varios and the time spent circling in lifts.

XC Analytics is able to determine the circuit that best matches your tracklog. Good news will you tell me, but on what criteria, and according to what process?

In a recent article in Vol Passion, many topics were raised based on flights recorded on the french CFD in 2017. The "phases" part was the one that elicited the most reactions. In that regard, we thank you for your feedback, always appreciated !

The World Cup is currently taking place in Brazil (pwca.org), in Pico de Gaviao. As is often the case in Brazil, the level is high, the weather is good, and the races deserve a look !
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