XC Analytics


Phases are the main pillar of XC Analytics. They are automatically detected, thanks to our algorithm. Here is some information to understand them better !


The Lift phase associates a positive vario and a flight sequence favorable to altitude's gain: it can be in a thermal, but also on a ridge, or even in wave.


The Gliding phase encompasses a negative vario, while flying to cover the distance that separates two lifts.

More precisely, the vario has to be worse than the sink rate of the aircraft, for a given airspeed.


The Floating phase happens when you glide in an efficient manner. 

Situations similar to the Gliding phase are considered, but the corresponding vario would have to be better than the sink rate of the aircraft for a given airspeed. Hence the vario associated with those phases can sometimes be positive.


The Prospecting phase appears when you are looking for a way to climb. The allocation will rely on the evolutions of the vario, the course or even the speed.